Ternio’s GDPR compliance overview.  We are committed to protecting your privacy.

The TernioSwitch mobile app is integrated into the Nice inContact platform with our data and processing occurring on Microsoft Azure servers both of which are GDPR compliant.

More information on Nice inContact GDPR compliance can be found here:

More information on Five9’s GDPR compliance can be found here:

More information on Microsoft Azure’s GDPR compliance can be found here:

Our support ticketing system used on the TernioSwitch is processed through Zoho which is also GDPR compliant.

More information on Zoho’s GDPR compliance can be found here:

Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy can be found here:

Additionally, all company data is by default automatically deleted every 30 days.  If any company has more stringent requirements we can, by request, set their data to be automatically deleted anywhere between 0-30 days. 0 means that no data will be stored on our servers at all which will eliminate all GPS features and reporting.

Contacting Us
If you have any questions regarding GDRP you may contact us using the information below:

Email: support@

Ternio LLC
PO Box 1047,
Eastsound, Washington 98245

Telephone 800-429-9277