Outsourcing Call Center Services: The Advantages of Positive Connections!


Outsourcing call center services is a wonderful option for businesses wanting to provide excellent customer service while simultaneously improving the businesses’ overall functions and productivity. Outsourcing call center services enables a business to demonstrate consistent, professional customer service while focusing on the businesses’ core goals. Two exciting benefits from outsourcing are providing multilingual call center services and 24 7 call center availability. This article will explain the essential functions of a call center, and discuss specific advantages of providing multilingual call center services and offering 24 7 call center convenience.

What are the Essential Functions of a Call Center?

Call centers offer a multitude of beneficial services.

  • Offer various communication channels. Many call centers are omnichannel, which means they offer communication via phone lines, email, social media, and live web chat. They offer customers various communication options. 
  • Manages customer service. Employees of call centers are trained to offer customer support on a range of issues and foster retention. Some call centers offer multilingual call center services or 24 7 call center accessibility, important in a global world. 
  • Serves diverse businesses.  Employees of call centers have the ability to work across a variety of industries, answering a high volume of calls. Call center employees can put together orders, resolve issues, and send relevant information back to clients. 

Outsourcing services to a well-functioning call center helps improve customers’ experiences and interactions.

The Advantages of Providing Multilingual Call Center Services

Providing multilingual call center services is an important aspect of establishing connections with customers. 

  • Satisfies customers in the United States.  U.S. census data for 2020 estimates 21.5% of language spoken in American homes is not English, making multilingual call center services an important aspect of customer responsiveness. 
  • Improved customer satisfaction. Providing multilingual call center services in a person’s native language enhances the experience and helps ensure customer retention. Multilingual call center services help customers feel heard, understood and valued. 
  • Reduces a customer’s wait time. Utilizing multilingual call center services reduces the amount of time customers have to wait until representatives can communicate satisfactorily. Multilingual call center services minimize misinterpretations while increasing business efficiency.
  • Promote diversity. Multilingual call center services allow for 24 7 call center availability globally, in various time zones. Issues can be resolved promptly with 24 7 call centers. 
  • Increased outreach.  Multilingual call center services allow a business to expand into new markets.  According to Statista, global retail e-commerce is a significant market. A business’s ability to access global customers is enhanced by multilingual call center services.

Offering multilingual call center services benefits businesses and customers with increased productivity and customer loyalty.

A Few Ways Multilingual Call Center Services are Provided

There are different ways outsourcing can provide multilingual call center services.

  • Utilize multilingual chat. A popular way contact centers communicate with customers is with chat. Multilingual call center services use chat in diverse languages, especially to provide 24 7 call center assistance for customers.
  • Provide multilingual representatives. Multilingual call center services are able to have available representatives to communicate fluently in various languages or can utilize translation and interpretive technologies to help customers. 
  • Translate information: Multilingual call center services can include creating websites and providing omni-channel communications in foreign languages and translating relevant documents into necessary languages.

Helping people be understood by offering multilingual call center services is a positive business strategy.

The Advantages of a 24 7 Call Center: Connecting While Your Business is Asleep

Offering 24 7 call center support is also an effective approach. Providing 24 7 call center support means customers are able to find answers and be helped 24 7 in real time.  A round-the-clock call center support allows for myriad benefits to customers and businesses.

  • Offers customers a convenient service.  A 24 7 call center improves retention and enhances relationships with customers. It allows customers to access a business at their convenience. 
  • Helps customers globally.  In an international market, a 24 7 call center allows for customers to reach a business despite time zone differences. It affords opportunity for a business to expand domestically and globally across multiple time zones. 
  • Addresses time-sensitive or technical concerns. Businesses which provide crucial or timely services benefit from 24 7 call center assistance to resolve issues immediately rather than waiting for regular business hours to help customers.  Instead, customers expect 24 7 call center availability in certain industries like healthcare, airlines, insurance, utilities, technology and security.

Providing superior, responsive customer service is integral to successfully outsourcing call center services. 

Why Ternio is a Great Connection for Outsourcing Call Center Services

Adding a 24 7 call center service and/or multilingual call center services can greatly benefit a business’s bottom line. These services can help customers resolve issues immediately and communicate with customers from all over the world, no matter the language. But your business will need the right contact center platform to add these services. 

Ternio is a state-of-the-art, telecommunications company which understands helping customers feel connected and understood is a vital element of thoughtful, sensitive call center services.  The Ternio mobile app app offers a forward-thinking contact center option, providing customers a premium connection.  Contact us today for more information about our product, so we can help you feel secure providing multilingual call center services and 24 7 call center availability. 

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